Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Morning

Nina was able to get some sleep last night but has been up since 4am with stronger contractions at increasingly closer time intervals. Some blood work just came back and all the levels are normal, but Killian is starting to move around more and there are some other indications that might precipitate delivery soon. Nina has been in labor for 3 days now and they took the epidural out yesterday so it has been exhausting for her. St. Luke, pray for us.

I found out last night the Killian means "small, fierce." Seems fitting for our little man.


  1. Tim, Nina, and Killian,

    You don't know us, but our oldest daughter is friends with Augustine. We have been following this blog, and praying for all of you. As soon as we read Killian was here, we all rejoiced to the Lord! Our oldest daughter said to watch out for Killian! She said this because we have our own little miracle baby (our youngest), and she is a spirited one. Right after our oldest said this, we read Tim's comment about Killian meaning "small, fierce", and we all laughed.
    God Bless you all!!!
    Roger, Dove, Ashley, and Ellie Erich

  2. "Small, fierce" that's perfect! The fighter to lead the Madrid family! Just noticed that St. Killian even has his own wiki page...and he converted dukes and was beheaded by disgruntled nobility...and is portrayed with a crozier in one hand and a sword in the other. Did Killian come out with any foreign objects in hand? you guys.

  3. Congratulations Nina, Tim & Killian on starting your new family! I can't believe he's here. What a blessing. God is so good and it radiates through these pictures of your small, fierce little boy and his loving parents.
    We love you both and can't wait to congratulate you in person!
    Until then we'll be praying:)
    Love ~Heather & Matt