Monday, December 21, 2009

New Milestone

Over the weekend, Killian officially broke the 5lb mark and has maintained that weight since. Though still a little peanut, he is more than twice as big as he was at birth two months ago!

Friday, December 18, 2009

2 Months and Growing

Amazingly, today Killian is two months old. He has come a long way and progressed so much in these weeks and he continues to do well.

Since my last post, Killian was transferred from the small baby NICU to another different floor in the same hospital where they tend to focus more on post-surgery babies, or babies with respiratory or digestive issues. It is a little less intense and their goals for Killian are to wean him off the nasal cannula, let him gain more weight and teach him how to eat. A couple weeks ago some tests revealed that his blood-sugar level was too low so they have been testing him regularly since then every 3-12 hours depending on the circumstances. They have been able to stabilize it somewhat, but he is still on the low end of the scale, so the hope is that his little body will be able to grow out of it and find the right level.

Last night he weighed a whopping 4lbs 14.5oz, and about a week ago his double-chin first appeared! We were thrilled to see a little extra baby fat on our son who has been thin for so long. Nina made the comment that now he looks like a regular baby, just miniature, instead of like a fragile preemie. His periods of alertness are longer and he interacts with us at times - he loves it when we kiss his stomach.

At this point he still has a couple hurdles to jump before coming home becomes a topic of discussion. Those steps are for him to be completely independent of any breathing aids, stabilize and maintain safe glucose (blood-sugar) level, and learn how to eat on his own without the feeding tube. With all of that, it seems as though we have 3-4 weeks to go and then we can take our son home...

Here are some pictures from recent weeks:


Snuggle Time with Mom

He's always happiest when we get to hold him.

After his bath

Looking good after a little clean up. Now that's a content smile!


He already loves sports...

Charlie Brown Bandaid

To test his glucose levels, the nurses have to prick his heal and then squeeze blood into a small tube. After each prick he gets a little Band-aid. This was his first one.

Binki Time