Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Truth About Abortion's Consequences

One of the most sinister lies pervading typical abortion rhetoric is assertion that aborting a child is "in the best interest" or "for the good" of the woman involved. Nothing could be farther from the truth; abortion not only damages the baby in the womb, but also causes deep trauma in the mother of that child.

Some in the anti-life camp would have you think that any kind of post-abortion trauma is simply scruple-induced product of religion, but Post Abortion Syndrome is a reality. Ask the countless women who suffer the loss of their child after an abortion. Ask the countless women who deal with grief, anxiety, depression, loneliness and depression that they go through. They know it is real, and they certainly were not told of that possibility when they were coaxed into thier abortion.

Dr. Priscilla Coleman is a mental health professional who has done extensive scientific and medical research on the effects of abortion on women.  She will be visiting Columbus, Ohio on July 17th to present her groundbreaking investigation and the facts that abortion providers around the country are hiding from their "clients."  She will expose the lies of the abortion industry and show that abortion is by no stretch of the imagine for the good of the woman.

For more information please visit Bethesda Post-Abortion Healing Ministry.