Sunday, October 18, 2009

Killian Patrick Is Here!!

Our little man, Killian Patrick was born about 11:15am today. He measured 14 inches and 2 pounds 2 ounces and is very healthy. He is in the IC unit and has a breathing tube though the nurses said he is trying very hard to breathe on his own. His lungs look great and his heart rate is right where it should be. We'll post some pictures soon.

Thanks again for all your prayers. God bless!


  1. Tim, Nina & Killian. you have our prayers each day. The kids have been offering up their afternoon Divine Mercy Chaplet for Killian. :) Congratulations! Get some rest... we will continue praying.

    -The Cote fam

  2. Thanks be to God!
    We are your biggest cheerleaders Killian!
    God Bless this family,
    Greg and Margie :-)

  3. Praised be Jesus Christ! Congratuations!

  4. We are unbeliveably happy for you heart is bursting.. Ellen Amland

  5. Dearest Tim and Nina,

    You have been in our prayers and CONGRATULATIONS to the new member of the Madrid Family!

    God bless you,

    Mariely, Ben, and family

  6. Amazing - you have been on my mind so much, I had a dream last night that your baby boy was born and, while tiny, was going to be just fine. As I was in Mass alone today, you were very close to my heart in prayer, and I felt reassured by Jesus and His Blessed Mother that all would be well. Praise God, for He certainly is the provider of so many great gifts!! God bless you, Nina and little Killian (love the name, by the way) :=) ......Teri Gilmore

  7. Praise God, and God bless Killian Patrick, plus Mom & Dad -- may they get some rest! Thank you, Jesus!!! Mary Beth Sawyer

  8. Praise God and our Heavenly Mother!!! I lit a candle after noon Mass and lifted all 3 of you during the Eucharistic prayers.

    Love and Prayers,
    Therese, Dennis, Kateri and Andy

  9. Tim and Nina,
    We are so thrilled for all of you and we continue to pray for your family.
    The Kirchners

  10. Really crying for joy. What a strong little man! He gained a pound in like 2 days!!!!!!! SO SO SO happy for you. You of course still have our prayers.

  11. I hope you guys laugh when you see I comment on every post...

  12. Mary Cate Branham BratcherOctober 20, 2009 at 1:58 PM

    I am praying for your family and offering my suffering and joy to Jesus for you. Wow, think of everyone in the Communion of Saints praying for your family.

    My Mom had a baby born 3 months premature and baptized right away. The baby had a poor prognosis and guess what the doctors were wrong. That little baby was ME and I will be 42 on Poor Souls Day! Hang in there Killian, you will soon be breathing on your own. I will pray for your weight gain as well.

    Killian, God has a special purpose for your life and your guardian angel is with you. You are a little missionary for God and I am sure that many who have not prayed in a long time are bowing their heads in prayer for you.

    God Bless You!
    Mary Cate Branham Bratcher