Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pictures of Killian

Today was the day and now both Nina and Killian are resting after a successful delivery. Nina is much relieved to be in a more comfortable recovery bed instead of the stiff emergency bed she spent four days in, and Killian is being well-taken care of in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). God is good and so are all of you who have so kindly stormed heaven with prayers on our behalf over the past few days. Thank you again.

We must give special mention to Dr. Michael Parker who was our obgyn. He oversaw everything and made himself very available to us in every circumstance, even when he was not technically "on call". His expertise and wisdom in dealing with the constantly changing situation were calming for us and he proved to be the tremendously good man and doctor that we all know him to be. Thank you, Dr. Parker from Nina, Tim and Killian.

Here are a few pictures so that you can share in the unspeakable joy that we now have in Killian:


  1. WOW, TIM, NINA, HE IS ADORABLE!!!!! And he's so alert for being so teeny tiny and just out in the big world! What a treasure...congratulations.

  2. Dear Tim and nian,

    Oh Praise God for life !!! for this beautiful child... Killy can do it, hes already training for the race Jesus will call him on !!!
    WE are all praying for Killian, God bless you all. Your Poor Clare Sisters

  3. These photos remind me of my nephew's birth almost 17 years ago! God is good. He'll be learning how to drive soon! My prayers are with you. God Bless.

  4. Nina-
    These pics bring back so many memories. I'm thankful that you and lil man are doing well.

  5. Much love and prayers from Prince Edward Island The Madrids are added to our prayers especially little Tim "Killian"
    The Browns , Arsenaults, Montgomerys, Jones and the RC gang!
    Blessings, Muriel