Sunday, November 22, 2009

Killian, Small and Fierce

Killian, taking a nap with Dad under a blanket kindly made for him by my brother-in-law's great aunt. The blanket reads:
Killian Patrick Madrid
Small and Fierce
October 18, 2009
2lbs 2oz 14 inches


  1. Small and fierce indeed!

    St. Kilian, pray for him!
    St. Patrick, pray for him!

  2. Thanks for posting this picture, Tim. It reminds of me of many times, long ago, when I used to hold another little boy in my arms. He, too, was small and fierce back then.

  3. Thanks for the prayers, Charlotte.

    Thanks, Dad. Looks like Killian is living up to his name and his patrimony already. I had a great example in my life and now have a chance to emulate you as a Dad myself...

  4. Timothy,
    I have hesitated to contact you, because I know hearing stories about other preemies can sometimes be daunting, but they can also be helpful.
    I have been following your beautiful families story, and cannot believe the similarities with my own first son's life. He too had PDA, he also had ROP, which it seems Killian has dodged at the moment. Alexander was born at 1 lb, 6oz, in June of 05. After 5 long months, he came home to us with a 3rd surgery for a g-tube, because he couldn't eat/swallow. He also had BPD, needing lung treatments every night. That first year was the most difficult of my life, and I am sure his too! This June, he will be 5 years old. His eyes have shown only normal development, his lungs have healed, his g-tube a distant memory! He is in pre-school 3 hours a day for language delay, but we just think he is shy. :) He is Happy, healthy, and a joy to be around. At the time, I don't think I thought this would be possible. God is great, and has been merciful to us!

    The toll on our marriage has been difficult, but it brings us much joy to know how much we have handled in the 5 short years we have been married. We feel our Faith truly had sustained us through the most difficult times, as we are sure it will again.

    May God continue to bless you and keep you all safe.