Monday, March 9, 2009

Numbers Don't Lie

Just a little tidbit of information for all you members of Buckeye Nation (and others). Go to and search in Columbus for "abortion." You will be given two options: "abortion services" and "abortion alternatives." The surprising bit is that there are 17 businesses listed under abortion services, and 23 businesses providing abortion alternatives.

That is astounding! In a major US city there are more agencies dedicated to providing women with health, safe and good alternatives when faced with a crisis pregnancy than there are agencies dedicated to the destruction of innocent life. The numbers don't lie - there are many Americans who oppose the tragedy of abortion: we numerically out-weigh the anti-life groups here in Columbus.

Take that to prayer tonight! God is good. It's a good chance to step back for a moment and realize that we do not stand alone in our struggle to uphold the dignity and sanctity of life!

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