Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Test of Fire

I'm not a big fan of election summers. They're typically an endless barrage of political ads, mudslinging and media personalities bickering about the latest gaffe or mishap. I decided months ago who I was going to vote for (and his name rhymes with "pit" in case you were wondering), so all the chatter is meaningless to me.

Once in a while, however, a really good ad or discussion of substance will come up. The video below is one of those. Admittedly, I have mostly kept to myself about this election - preferring to focus on the daily duties of my family, job, etc. This video made me reflect, that not only is it our civic duty to cast our vote, but we also have a moral responsibility to vote and help others vote the right way. I think all Catholics should see this video and spend some time reflecting on.

Our choices have lasting and far-reaching consequences. This election is no exception. Think about it, and make it count!

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