Saturday, January 21, 2012

Every Public Airport in California

Seems like not all that long ago my cousin, Phil Anady, and I were little kids running around playing baseball and video games together. Now we both have wives and kids of our own, as well as more ambitious goals than making the Little League All Star Team.

In addition to being a fantastic middle school teacher, Phil has been a flying planes since he was high school. During a recent visit I was blessed to have with Phil and the rest of the Anady family in California, he told me about his incredible goal of landing at every public airport in the state of California. At first the idea seemed pretty daunting; then I checked out the blog he keeps to log his adventures, and I realized that daunting didn't even begin to describe the magnitude of the endeavor.

Below is a link to his blog, complete with maps, stunning pictures from his plane, and information about his current projects. My hat is off to Phil in his exciting adventure and I wish him the best of luck. Check it out for yourself:

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