Monday, January 24, 2011

Keeping It Real

From time to time we all need the proverbial "kick in the butt" to keep us moving on our daily path to holiness. Today I got mine in the form of an article by Dr. Peter Kreeft. As is his long-running habit, Dr. Kreeft offers amazing insight into the general situation of our society; but then he goes on to offer a personal challenge to each of his readers that I think you will find irresistible. Read below and find out for yourself:

The Winning Strategy

by Dr. Peter Kreeft

To win any war, the three most necessary things to know are: (1) that you are at war, (2) who your enemy is, and (3) what weapons or strategies can defeat him.
You cannot win a war (1) if you simply sew peace banners on a battlefield, (2) if you fight civil wars against your allies, or (3) if you use the wrong weapons.
Here is a three point checklist for the culture wars.
1. We Are at War
If you don’t know that our entire civilization is in crisis, I hope you had a nice vacation on the moon.
Many minds do seem moonstruck, however, blissfully unaware of the crisis—especially the “intellectuals,” who are supposed to be the most on top of current events. I was dumbfounded to read a cover article in Time devoted to the question: Why is everything getting better? Why is life so good today? Why does everybody feel so satisfied about the quality of life? Time never questioned the assumption, it just wondered why the music on the Titanic sounded so nice.
It turned out, on reading the article, that every single aspect of life that was mentioned, every single reason for life getting better, was economic. People are richer. End of discussion.
Perhaps Time is just Playboy with clothes on. For one kind of playboy, the world is one great big whorehouse. For another kind, it’s one great big piggy bank. For both, things are getting better and better.
There is a scientific refutation of the Pig Philosophy: the statistical fact that suicide, the most in-your-face index of unhappiness, is directly proportionate to wealth. The richer you are, the richer your family is, and the richer your country is, the more likely it is that you will find life so good that you will choose to blow your brains apart.
Suicide among pre-adults has increased 5000% since the “happy days” of the ’50s. If suicide, especially among the coming generation, is not an index of crisis, nothing is.
Night is falling. What Chuck Colson has labeled “a new Dark Ages” is looming. And its Brave New World proved to be only a Cowardly Old Dream. We can see this now, at the end of “the century of genocide” that was christened “the Christian century” at its birth. (Click to read full article)


  1. Dear Tim,
    Peter Kreeft is boss. In the middle of his Between Allah and Jesus right now - you may have read it, but if by chance you haven't, I strongly recommend it. Props to your devotion to continually strengthen your will to do the Lord's will. It strengthens my own heart to see others of faith around the world striving to live for the Lord. For this I thank you.
    May God continue to bless you and keep you.
    Peace. and Good Will.