Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Open Letter to Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH)

Several days ago I sent an email to the office of Sherrod Brown, the Democrat Senator from Ohio who remains in support of looming healthcare bill. I received an automated response which is all that I expected to receive, but a few elements of that letter set me off. Below is an open letter to the Senator which I have also sent to his offices.

Let's continue to pray and do all we can to stop this bill from passing.

Senator Brown,

Thank you for the reply to my earlier message about the proposed health care "reform". I understand that your office is flooded with communications of all sorts which makes it impossible to respond individually to each one, nevertheless, the automated email your office sent me inadvertently (I presume) provided shining examples of how you have entirely disregarded a large part of your constituency in favor of your politic future with those currently in Washington.

Allow me to explain. You state in your email, "As Congress moves forward on health reform, I will certainly keep your views on this important issue in mind." Emphasis added was by me to show that you have no intention of doing anything other than pressing forward, ramming this obscenity of a bill down our throats and burdening not only us but our children and grandchildren with an unsustainable debt and entitlement program. The majority of Americans do not want this bill. The latest Rasmussen poll shows that 53% of American voters are squarely opposed to the proposed health care bill, with 46% strongly opposed. Only 26% strongly support it. Far from wanting you and Congress to move forward, most Americans want you to stop and start fresh.

What's more, you said that you would keep my views in mind. An article in the Washington Times this morning illustrated that my views, and those of 53% of the populace that gave you a job, vanished from your mind as soon as you were in the presence of President Obama in Cleveland. I quote from that article, "[Sen. Brown] said his office has been flooded with letters, e-mail and telephone messages from Ohioans who have lost their insurance and want the Democratic-led Congress to act." Did the thousands of emails and phone calls your office has received from those opposed to this legislation just slip your mind? Looks like a pony show to score buddy points with power players in DC rather than true representation of the citizens of Ohio. You listen only to those few people (and they are the minority by far) whose opinions are most expedient for you right now.

Let me tell you from personal experience that the present health care system is by no means perfect, but it is the best in the world. I have lived in Italy, and spent considerable time in other parts of Europe and Latin America, and I know firsthand how wretched the socialized-medicine experience is. I currently have an insurance plan that I purchased on my own for my family. This past year my wife delivered our son three months premature and he spent the next several months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, undergoing multiple interventions. My wife also had a couple procedures during that time for complications from childbirth. Both are doing well now, thanks be to God; but I also have our health care providers to thank for the expertise and technical skill they provided, as well as my insurance provider which covered most of our costs once we hit our deductible. Yes, our premiums have already increased and will only go higher next year, yet thought it is a lot of money, that sum pales in comparison to nearly a million dollars in medical expenses that were covered for us. The system is not nearly as run down and evil as you make it out to be, but then again you've been on your Cadillac plan with Congress for so long that you might have lost touch. Serious problems do exist, and we all want to make insurance as available as possible to all Americans, but creating a massive bureaucratic entitlement program is not the solution.

Lastly, you bring up the issue of a women's right to choose whether to abort her child or to keep it. I know this email will not change your stance on abortion, but I would like to at least point you to something that I hope you would take the time to read. If you really do have an open mind about this and are willing to engage in an informed and objective conversation about the topic rather than spouting cliches and meaningless cultural platitudes, then you will look at Bethesda Post Abortion Healing Ministry. They are entirely non-political and purposely stay out of the public eye so that they can work one-on-one with the women and men whose lives have been devastated by the loss of their children to abortion. They do not proselytize - those wounded by abortion come to them seeking healing. In your misguided effort to be "pro-woman" you only set women up for suffering, depression and regret. Granted, not all women experience those things, but most do. Abortion is not a solution to a problem - it's a problem that needs a solution. Peer reviewed medical studies show that suicide rates among post-abortive women are drastically higher than among the rest of women. Shouldn't that be enough to make one pause and think? Again, are you really pro-woman or do you conveniently ignore this vast community of real women deeply wounded by abortion?

I have looked at your website and I appreciate your invitation. I will continue to return and hear what you have to say throughout this legislative process. I hope that you have the courage to not be swept away by the tides of political expediency in Washington, but rather to boldly represent your fellow Ohioans and their views. I'm sure it was pleasant to fly on Air Force One with the President amidst all the trappings of power, but in a week or two you will have to board another plane and return to the citizens of Ohio. Please make a decision that we can be proud of and one that we can live with. Vote no on the current health care proposal.


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  1. Hi Tim!
    God blessed you & your wife with a beautiful child! ~~~~ As far as Sherrod Brown is concerned, he is one worthless human being! Brown was our Congressman for years and did nothing to help the economy in any way, shape or form. Brown had a live Townhall meeting about 6 weeks ago on his website. You were able to chat with him during this webnar and ask questions, make comments etc..... I asked him a question: Mr. Brown, if 98% of your constituents asked you to vote NO on this Healthcare Bill, would you honor their request, no matter how you felt personally"? His answer: "No, I would not vote NO on this Bill, because the people need this Bill. I am going to do what's best for the people". I was shocked! So I am going to try my hardest to see that this man is never re-elected even as a Dog Catcher!! Just wanted to let you know that you are beating a dead horse when it comes to Sherrod Brown!