Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Killian is Coming Home Soon

It's hard to believe, but Killian's stay at the hospital appears to be almost over. The past couple weeks have been ones of significant improvements for our little boy and the doctors think that perhaps some time next week he will be ready to come home at last! Nina and I are thrilled.

He seemed to pick up on the whole "feasting" part of the Christmas celebration as he rapidly gained weight to arrive at his present 6lbs 7oz - just shy of three times his weight at birth. He will be coming home to us on oxygen (you can see his nasal cannula in the picture above), because his lungs have been damaged too much from the trauma of prematurity. The good news about that is lungs naturally repair themselves with time, and he should have no serious problems in the long run. He made several valiant efforts to come through when the medical staff tried to wean him off the oxygen, but it was just too much for his little body right now. They anticipate he might need it for another 2 weeks to 2 months.

He worked out the problems with his glucose levels on his own and did not need any serious intervention. Looking back, the doctors believe it was his body adjusting to the rapid and unanticipated growth being out of the womb. One of the nurses that has been with him the longest commented that he likes to touch on every chapter in the Book of Preemies - he doesn't go very far into them, but he wants to make sure he at least glances at each one.

So, we are joyously making the final preparations for bringing our son home for the first time after nearly three months of having to leave him every night at the hospital. We will be immensely happy to soon be all together at home, as a family. God is good.