Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"I always wanted to be a parish priest...now my parish is 2.5 million people."

Tomorrow at 1pm est Archbishop Timothy Dolan will be installed as the new archbishop of New York. Dolan is well-known and loved across the US for being an orthodox, courageous, humorous and talented leader in the Catholic Church. He brings many gifts and talents to lead the largest diocese in the US, but his greatest - and most noticeable - trait is that he is a PASTOR tending God's flock.

Check out this impromtu press conference he had on the steps of St. Patrick' Cathedral in New York: http://ny1.com/Default.aspx?ArID=97310 It's evident that this is man of God who will do tremendous things for the Church. Cheers to Archbishop Dolan and to his very fortunate flock!

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